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Table 1 Focus Group Participants and Interviewees (i.e. professionals who could not attend the focus groups)

From: Stakeholders’ perception on the organization of chronic care: a SWOT analysis to draft avenues for health care reforms

Representatives of … Focus group members (n) Inter-viewed (n) Region
D = Dutch-speaking Region
F = French-speaking Region
B = Brussels’ Region
    Ger = German-speaking Region
Patient organizations 3   D, F, Ger
Informal caregiver organisations 2   D, F
Pharmacist organisations 2 1 D, F
GP organisations 6   D, F, B
Nursing home managers 3   D, B
Specialists 2 1 D
Primary care nurses 7   D, F, B
Regional care organisations 5   D, F, B, Ger
Advanced nurse practitioner (hospital-based) 3   D, F, B