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Table 3 Suggestions from young people on how to improve sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services

From: Young people’s perception of sexual and reproductive health services in Kenya

Gender Youth centres Health centres/or integrated facilities
Girls Increase of SRH service availability Increase of SRH service availability
▪ Full-time clinician ▪ More services to be made available at facility (lab), maternity
▪ Available medication (STI) ▪ Facility to be neat, attractive and well organised
▪ Establish more youth centres, especially in rural areas Improve HSP attitude
Improve HSP attitude ▪ Improve HSP approach & attitude:
▪ HSP to be more friendly ▪ HSP to be more patient and friendly, not very elderly
Create awareness Create awareness
▪ Sensitize YP on importance of youth centre through fun-activities, radio, posters, music entertainment, churches, ▪ Advertise through radio
▪ Tell peers about service availability
▪ Encourage openness among adolescents ▪ Awareness creation on importance of services and VCT through seminars in churches, schools, community
▪ Advertise services through outreaches in community, have girls-talks
▪ Give out educational materials, booklets, magazines ▪ Organise community meetings: inform parents what goes on at youth centre
▪ Other resources - have library, games Have a suggestions box
Note: Girls not able to give suggestions (12 yrs and 14 yrs) Reduce waiting time
No response from some girls in one HC in Nairobi (FGD 05c on how services can be improved
Boys Increase SRH service availability Increase SRH service availability
▪ Set-up more youth centres ▪ Wide range of services in same room
▪ MOH to be involved in addressing SRH of young people, support youth activities, peer education ▪ Have proper service directions
▪ Have youth-only rooms
▪ Set-up more services in rural areas (mobile clinics) Improve HSP attitude
▪ Increase operating hours/night services (VCT) ▪ HSP to be open and helpful
Improve HSP attitude ▪ Confidentiality is important
▪ HSP to be friendly, kind, patient, polite, confidential, not have very elderly staff Increase awareness creation of SRH services
Increase awareness creation of SRH services ▪ Create awareness of services available, having seminars, free medical campaigns, use of artists
▪ Create awareness of youth centre – through outreaches, advertising in sporting activities, websites ▪ Involve the youth in mobilising other youths/Peer education
▪ Have youth talk to other youths about the services available Reduce waiting time
▪ Take the education to the schools Have educational materials
Youth centre accessibility ▪ Have educational materials on SRH problems and treatment options
▪ Location of youth centre should be accessible, close to public transport Other resources – have library
Have educational materials In one FGD boys were not sure of what can be done to increase access
▪ Update educational materials