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Table 2 Young people's views and experiences of available Sexual and Reproductive Health services

From: Young people’s perception of sexual and reproductive health services in Kenya

Facility type Gender Positive views and experiences of SRH services Negative views and experiences of SRH services
Integrated facility Girls ▪ Good and friendly services ▪ HSP attitude sometimes judgmental
▪ Positive health service providers’(HSP) attitude ▪ Provider gender – not always female
▪ Long waiting time – long queues
▪ Low cost of services ▪ Lack of essential drugs
▪ Corruption in health facilities
Boys ▪ Organisation of services – services perfect for women and children ▪ HSP attitude poor
▪ Lack of awareness of available services
▪ HSP attitude is positive ▪ Youth-related resources not available such as library, games
▪ Cost of services – affordable, waiver system available
▪ Provider’s gender not always male
▪ Facility is clean ▪ Long waiting time
▪ Qualified HSP ▪ Corruption in public health facilities:
▪ Facility location- walking distance ▪ Lack of proper directions to facility and service areas
▪ Lack of privacy
▪ Boys feel uncomfortable sitting between women
Youth centre (YC) Girls ▪ Good services - youth-only ▪ Lack of full-time clinical staff
▪ Health service providers are younger ▪ SRH services not provided around the clock
▪ Non-health benefits of participation in YC activities – personal gains, self development, career progression ▪ Occasional lack of supplies such as drugs
▪ Lack of awareness of services offered
▪ Youth centre attractiveness promotes step-wise use of services
Boys ▪ Wide range of services available: voluntary counselling and testing (VCT), treatment of STIs, contraception, counselling, games, educational films watching movies ▪ Limited hours of operation for public facilities
▪ Inaccessibility – with regard to public transportation (YC location)
▪ Lack of essential supplies
▪ Health provider attitude – positive ▪ Lack of awareness of available services
▪ Youth centre attractiveness
▪ Non-health benefits of the YC ▪ Poor system of getting updated SRH information