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Table 1 Variables assessed in the study

From: Determinants and patterns of service utilization and recourse to professionals for mental health reasons

Variables Measuring instruments
Predisposing factors Age Canadian Community Health Survey of Mental Health and Well-Being CCHS 1.2 [39]
  Self-perception of physical health
  Self-perception of mental health
  Importance attributed to spirituality
  Number of children in the household  
  Problems with the law in past 12 months
Enabling factors Household income CCHS 1.2 [39]
  Personal income  
  Quality of life Satisfaction with Life Domains Scale [40]
  Neighborhood characteristics Physical Conditions of the Neighbourhood [41]
   Neighbourhood Disorder Scale [42]
   Community Participation Scale [43]
  Social support Resident Disempowerment Scale [44]
   Social Provisions Scale (SPS) [45]
Needs-related factors Mental disorders (MD) in past 12 months (major depression, mania, panic disorder, social phobia, agoraphobia, post-traumatic stress disorder, alcohol dependence, drug dependence) Composite International Diagnostic Interview (CIDI), [39]
  Number of MD in past 12 months  
  Emotional problems in past 12 months CCHS 1.2 [39]
  Victims of violence in past 12 months CCHS 1.2 [39]
  Aggressive behaviors in past 12 months Modified Observed Aggression Scale (MOAS) for aggressive behaviours [46]
  Psychological distress K-10 psychological distress scale [47]