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Table 1 Promises in the overall service charter

From: Developing and implementing a service charter for an integrated regional stroke service: an exploratory case study

The integrated stroke service is a collaboration of five organizations
1 All relevant information concerning you will be present on transfer to the next partner(s) involved in your care.
2 The stroke-service partners will conduct an intake interview. This will provide you and/or your family/carer with information about the organization and the department. You will receive general information on paper.
3 You and/or your family/carer will be welcomed by our staff in a hospitable way and treated with respect.
4 You and/or your family/carer will be intensively involved in all decisions made during the medical treatment and rehabilitation process. The treatment will be fine-tuned to be as close as possible to your situation and wishes.
5 A medical treatment plan will be drawn up. This will be discussed by the doctor with you and/or your family/carer.
6 Your questions will be answered within 24 hours.