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Table 5 Fact box of the side-effects and benefits of CRC surveillance

From: A prospective analysis of false positive events in a National Colon Cancer Surveillance Program

Variable Surveillance effects
Resource use
Analysed surveillance months 110 patients for 1884 months
Cost per successful R0 resection (£) 103207
Screening tests per R0 metastases resection
Carcinoembryonic antigen CEA (n) 125
Chest x-ray (n) 70
Liver ultrasound (n) 52
Colonoscopies (n) 30
Total screening tests (n) 276
Total health care consultations (n) 296
Number of cancer recurrences detected (n) 14
Probability of R0 metastasis surgery (%)* 57% (4 of 7 metastasis surgeries)
Side effects  
False positive events (n) 34 (31%)
Probability of recurrent cancer when diagnostic check up i.e. surveillance positive predictive value 29%
aMean days to SCE diagnosis (SD) 39 (35)
Asymptomatic but incurable metastases recurrences 3 of 14 recurrences (21%)
Quality of life
aMean EQ-5D VAS score (CI) 75.9 (74.5-77.3)
aMean EQ-5D Index score (CI) 0.862 (0.84-0.87)
  1. *R0 surgery is defined as positive histological resection margins. aReported in a previous publication [8]. Equals that of the general UK population [10].