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Table 4 Indicative quotations: Proximity of practitioners

From: A qualitative study of influences on older women’s practitioner choices for back pain care

Participant Example
#47 I'm trying to negotiate, or try and meet some new people [practitioners] up here in [town], so I don’t have to travel so far.
#15 I’m [currently] trying to find somewhere [any practitioner] nearby…
#3 I thought, “well what am I going to do?” So I looked up, and I found this person, and this was really off-the-cuff, who was close by at [suburb] where we lived at the time…
#27 But normally, it is word of mouth, or the yellow pages, or the Internet, its hit and miss.
I might look up, depending how quickly I want to get there, look up the Yellow Pages, what I usually do. Sometimes I’ll ring a couple of them and just ask a few questions.
#18 So I thought “well, nothing ventured nothing gained,” so I gave a ring, gave a call, and it turns out that he just lives down the road from me here, and that's where he practices from. So I just think “well, give it a try.”
#28 Just picked him out of the book, the phonebook I think.