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Table 3 Indicative quotations: Family/Social Networks: Recommendations and anecdotes

From: A qualitative study of influences on older women’s practitioner choices for back pain care

Participant Example
#19 Because people had said…that this was a good thing to try.
#10 Yeah. And the guy over the road said that he went to a [practitioner], who is up over here at [local suburb], and said “he’s really good.”
#6 Invariably it would've been a friend’s referral that might have done it.
#12 I thought “yes, I’ll make an appointment,” and I went to the [practitioner] that my girlfriend goes to and swears by…
#32 But you always ask people as well who they recommend, a personal recommendation is better than any advert.
#33 …I think hearsay is an important one, where someone's been and they’ve given relief.
#36 Well, I usually talk to people, especially if I move to a new place where I don’t know anyone, I’ll talk to people, and say “well where do you go?” or “what do you do?”