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Table 1 Summary of themes with examples

From: A qualitative study of influences on older women’s practitioner choices for back pain care

Influences on health service utilisation Example
Familiarity/relationship with providers and familiarity with treatment type - Current/previous experience with a provider group for back pain related or unrelated complaint
- Familiarity with the treatment procedures for a provider group (irrespective or previous effectiveness for same or different ailment/complaint)
- Exclusion of future encounters with a provider group due to previous negative experience
Family/social networks: - Anecdotes from family/social networks for the effectiveness of a specific practitioner
- Recommendations for a provider group
- Recommendation based on second-hand knowledge or community reputation of a specific practitioner
Proximity of practitioners - Attractiveness of nearby/local practitioners
- Difficulty travelling to practitioners for treatment due to physical pain/mobility
- Difficulties finding appropriate/suitable practitioners in local proximity
- Highly valued practitioners worthy of travelling greater distances for treatment
Qualifications and credentials - Research on internet/talking to friends/family about provider group approaches to treatment, efficacy and evidence base
- Consideration/assessment of formal qualifications
- Difficultly knowing what qualifications mean
- Experience and practical expertise outweigh formal qualifications