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Table 3 New and old service models

From: Community participation to design rural primary healthcare services

  Community A Community B Community C Community D
Service model at start of study 1 ft GP 1 ft GP Access to GP practice in neighbouring in larger village 50 mins drive away. Weekly local surgeries (half day), peripatetic nursing service available Access to GP practice in neighbouring small community, 50 mins drive away. Nursing team with 2 locally based ft nurses, various carers
2 pt nurses; one of these also does social care 1 pt nurse Various pt carers
Model designed Insufficient participants attended final workshop 1 ft GP pt district nurse, 3 pt care workers (including some intensive care hours) with some budget left for contingencies 1 ft Nurse Practitioner (working 24/7) New resident practitioners with these skills & roles:
Health care assistant • Health/emergency care worker.
5 hours per week of an Intensive Home Carer • Non healthcare worker(s) to lead community health activities.
    A volunteer scheme for community carers, A first responder scheme Some budget left for contingencies Volunteer first responder scheme to provide basic aid and emergency life support
  1. ft = full-time, pt = part-time.