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Table 2 Community health assets and challenges

From: Community participation to design rural primary healthcare services

Common assets Common challenges
Community spirit, people look out for each other Fears for security in an emergency situation due to remoteness/weather
Resourceful, adaptable community members Older people have to leave community if their care needs become too great
Low crime, beautiful scenery, a safe place to raise children Lack of affordable housing
More online working has allowed working people to settle in the communities Current practitioner about to retire, concern about finding replacement
Personalised continuous care from local practitioners Current practitioner provides “above and beyond the call of duty”: fear that replacement will not provide a similar service if not contractually obliged
Local health practitioners are social assets and provide preventative care For practitioners providing 24/7 service, concern of insufficient support, issues of stress and isolation
Flexible, resourceful health practitioners who think and act ‘out of the box’ when necessary Poor access to patient transport to outpatient facilities in distant hospitals
Responsive air ambulance service connecting community to acute care in emergencies Confusion about current health services provision: who does what, who to call, when