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Table 3 Characteristics of the three-dimension principal component analysis (factorial loading of selected items and Cronbach’s alpha values on each dimension)

From: No effect of user fee exemption on perceived quality of delivery care in Burkina Faso: a case-control study

   Factorial loading of items selected on each dimension
  List of significant items Dimension 1 Dimension 2 Dimension 3
   (21.03%) (19.28%) (12.49%)
   Cronbach’s α = 0.81 Cronbach’s α = 0.78 Cronbach’s α = 0.66
Care provider-patient interaction The midwife or nurse showed up nicely for me. 0.701   
She/he was available to me. 0.683   
She/he answered all my questions. 0.684   
She/he explained the labour process and/or childbirth. 0.699   
She/he was attentive to me and my requests. 0.611   
She/he stayed with me during labour and/or childbirth. 0.586   
She/he showed significant human qualities. 0.658   
Quality of nursing care services I felt confident and safe with her or him.   0.630  
The midwife or nurse was attentive to my baby.   0.653  
She/he reassured me about my concerns.   0.661  
She/he was concerned about my pain.   0.641  
The midwife or nurse made sure that my baby and I were doing well.   0.772  
Quality of care was better than anticipated.   0.589  
Environment to quality of birth to delivery environment I was comfortably installed.    0.682
The delivery room was clean and hygiene was satisfactory.    0.770
  The temperature in the delivery room was satisfactory.    0.748