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Table 1 Distribution of demographic and public health data characteristics between control and intervention health districts

From: No effect of user fee exemption on perceived quality of delivery care in Burkina Faso: a case-control study

  Control Intervention
  (Djibo) (Sebba/Dori)
Geo-demographic data   
   Surface area (km2) 12 273 13871
   Total population in 2010 389 839 474846
   % of population below the poverty line in 2003 37.2 52.0
Socio-cultural characteristics   
   Most practiced religion Islam Islam
   Most represented ethnic group Peulh Peulh
Public health data in 2010   
   Distribution of health system levels 1 DH, 30 CSPS, 1 MC, 3 PHC 1 DH, 1 RH, 29 CSPS, 1 MC
   % of institutional deliveries 59.9% 71.2%
  1. Abbreviations: RH, Regional Hospital; DH, District Hospital; CSPS, Health and Social Promotion Centres; MC, military clinic; PC, private health centre.
  2. *Statistical directory 2010 Ministry of Health - General Secretariat, General Direction for Information and Health Statistics in Burkina Faso.