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Table 2 Upper and lower bounds on the number of routes for Catlab using CPLEX

From: On the improvement of blood sample collection at clinical laboratories

   CPLEX solution
   Vehicle capacity = 16 Vehicle capacity = 25
Scenario I CST + HUMT 4(3) 4(2)
ICS 5* 6(3)
Scenario II CST + HUMT + ICS 13(6.43) 14(5)
  1. Upper (lower) bound obtained by CPLEX after running the program for 1 hour (Scenario I: CST + HUMT), 2 hours (Scenario I: ICS), and 3 hours (Scenario II: CST + HUMT + ICS), respectively. A number with an asterisk represents the optimal solution (i.e., upper and lower bounds coincide).