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Table 2 Frame work for interrogating the data sets - adapted from Strivastava and Hopwood (2009)[14]

From: Explaining the uptake of paediatric guidelines in a Kenyan tertiary hospital – mixed methods research


Approach to interrogation of the data sets

Relevance of the data to the research question

What are the data telling us in reference to the research questions?

What is it we want to know according to the research questions and theoretical points of interest?

Variation of data

How does the performance vary across and within domains of care?

What aspects of the qualitative data can explain this variation and are there other factors contributing to this relationship?

What does this imply in regard to achieving the quality indicators in a certain domain?

What is the dialectal relationship between what the data are telling us and what we want to know?

Relevance of the data to the context

How will it be understood by the health professionals and the hospital management?

What do we want to know about the interconnectedness of the institution and individual professionals?