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Table 1 Indicators for process evaluation

From: Implementing antiretroviral resistance testing in a primary health care HIV treatment programme in rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: early experiences, achievements and challenges

Indicator Data source Comments
Uptake of testing (by medical officer and by clinic) Study and laboratory records Numbers enrolled by medical officer and by clinic
Proportion with valid genotype result Laboratory records Excludes instances of failed amplification or sequencing
Proportion with initial laboratory report Laboratory records Genotype report generated within laboratory
Proportion sent to specialist clinician Laboratory email records Genotype report sent by email to specialist clinician
Proportion with final laboratory report Laboratory email records Final report (with specialist clinician comments) issued by laboratory
Turnaround time (laboratory, specialist clinician, overall) Study, laboratory and specialist clinician records Laboratory – time from receipt of specimen to initial genotype result; specialist clinician – time from receipt of initial genotype result to generation of final laboratory report
Proportion switched to second-line regimen as recommended Study and medical officer records; clinic file review Concordance with specialist clinician recommendations