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Table 3 Survey results mapped onto the knowledge creation component of the knowledge-to-action framework

From: Speech pathologists’ experiences with stroke clinical practice guidelines and the barriers and facilitators influencing their use: a national descriptive study

Knowledge creation component


Knowledge inquiry and synthesis

Participants recognised that a greater number of research studies are required and the lack of high level evidence in speech pathology can affect the degree of implementation e.g. “I think not all available evidence has been incorporated into the guidelines”.


The stroke CPG had acted as a tool by helping speech pathologists implement evidence-based practice, improve patient outcomes, and guide decision-making. Aspects of the guideline that helped implementation included its clarity of information, level of evidence base, and ability to promote client centred care. However, the usability of the guideline is affected by limitations of the CPG such as impractical recommendations and insufficient information provided. The static nature of the tool meant that it could easily be out of date.