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Table 2 Core approaches to ensuring quality in the Partnerships

From: Approaches to ensuring and improving quality in the context of health system strengthening: a cross-site analysis of the five African Health Initiative Partnership programs

Ghana[12]: Strengthening information systems and tools and building management and leadership capacity to increase data-driven decision making and resource allocation.
Rwanda[10]: Improving population health through improving quality of clinical care, data quality and utilization, and underlying infrastructure and resources needed to deliver health services.
Mozambique[9, 16]: Strengthening data-driven decision making and resource allocation by improving availability and quality of data as well as data utilization through capacity building and development of decision-support tools.
Tanzania[11]: Improving the quality of community-delivered services through contextually appropriate and people-centered care and improved information on community health status and needs.
Zambia[8]: Improving the quality of patient-provider interaction through targeted performance indicators that guide clinical mentorship teams and community health workers.