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Table 2 Domains measured by PIH/PHIT facility survey and mapped to WHO health systems building blocks

From: Comprehensive and integrated district health systems strengthening: the Rwanda Population Health Implementation and Training (PHIT) Partnership

Domain Example domain measures WHO building block
Clinical services Range of services and availability Service delivery
Infrastructure Quality of facility infrastructure for services offered Service delivery
Social services Insurance coverage, capacity to provide targeted socioeconomic support Service delivery, Financial
Referral Availability of emergency transfer services, communication Service delivery, Information systems
Monitoring and Evaluation/Data use Data systems and utilization Information systems,* Leadership & governance
Medical equipment Availability of essential equipment for service delivery by specialty, condition of equipment Medical products and technology
Laboratory Availability of essential tests, equipment, and supplies Medical products and technology
Pharmacy Stock monitoring, essential medicine stock outs, storage and distribution capacity Medical products and technology
Infection control and waste management Waste disposal, management of human and medical waste Service delivery
Human resources Number of trained staff, staff retention rates Human resources
Management Staff supervision, management practices Leadership & governance
  1. *An additional intervention, targeting the information systems building block, is a web-based primary care electronic medical record (EMR), which is being assessed for feasibility through measured rollout in southern Kayonza.