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Table 1 Core and common metrics for the PHIT Data Collaborative by conceptual model component1

From: A common evaluation framework for the African Health Initiative

Inputs & Processes Outputs Outcomes Impact
Governance and leadership:
Total costs in intervention areas
Health Information systems:
■ Recent HMIS report available at facility
Human resources:
Health workers per capita (physicians, nurses/midwives, pharmacy staff)
Medicines, Equipment, Commodities:
Continuous stocks of essential commodities
(Tracer equipment and commodities at health center level; Tracer medicines for all health facilities; Tracer medicines for health facilities providing specific services)
Service access, readiness & quality:
■ Quality of child health care by providers
■ Service utilization
Coverage of services:
Contraceptive prevalence rate
Antenatal care ( 1+ visits)
Intermittent preventive treatment for malaria in pregnancy (IPTp)
Skilled attendant at birth
C-section prevalence rate (urban, rural)
Exclusive breastfeeding
Childhood immunizations
Reported treatment of priority childhood illnesses
Vitamin A supplementation (2 doses)
Insecticide-treated net use
■ TB treatment (DOTS) success rate
■ Antenatal care (4+ visits)
■ ART coverage
■ Post-natal care for mother
■ HIV testing for pregnant women
■ Stillbirth ratio: fresh/macerated
■ Unmet need for family planning
Core coverage metrics reported by wealth quintile
Mortality and undernutrition:
Under 5 mortality rate
Cause of death distribution for under-fives in intervention areas
■ Child undernutrition (height for age and weight for height)
■ Adult mortality rate
■ Neonatal mortality rate
Total Fertility Rate
Core impact metrics reported by wealth quintile
  1. 1Core metrics shown in bold text