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Table 2 Overview of key interview measures

From: Cancer survivor rehabilitation and recovery: Protocol for the Veterans Cancer Rehabilitation Study (Vet-CaRes)

Measures Qualitative Quantitative T1: 6-month T2: 12-month T3: 18- month
Adapted Illness Intrusive Ratings Scale (IIRS)   x x   x
Alcohol Usage (AUDIT)   x    x
Benefit Finding Scale   x x x x
Cancer Related Worry   x x x x
Cancer-Related PTSD Symptoms (PCL-C)   x x x x
Clinical Impressions (Interviewer Reflections) x   x x x
Community Integration (PART)   x x   x
Depression Assessment (PHQ 9)   x x x x
Diagnosis and Treatment Experiences (Cancer Story) x x x x x
Grip strength   x x   x
Health literacy   x    x
Health values & goals x x   x  
Meaning making x x x x x
Military Related PTSD (PC-PTSD) x x x   
Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA)   x x   x
Previous Mental Health and Substance Abuse   x x   
Quality of Life Assessment (PROMIS 29)   x x x x
Sexual Functioning (Treatment Impact Scale)   x x   x
Short Physical Performance Battery (SPPB)   x x   x
Site Specific Quality of Life (EORTC QLQ)   x x x x
Tobacco usage   x    x