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Table 4 Effects of the work setting on the average percentage of ‘no opinion’ categorized by the domain of the Likert items

From: Developing process guidelines for trauma care in the Netherlands for severely injured patients: results from a Delphi study

   Average percentage ‘no opinion’ on items in the domain:
   Dispatch Prehospital and emergency department Emergency department
   n=33 n=67 n=236
Setting Dispatch centre 0.35% 6.31% 11.31%
  Prehospital care 0.97% 0.57% 4.60%
  Emergency department 4.24% 1.35% 1.79%
  1. On dispatch items: p= 0.018 between emergency department and dispatch setting, p=0.013 between emergency department and prehospital setting.
  2. On prehospital and emergency department items: p=0.009 between dispatch and prehospital setting, p=0.022 between dispatch and emergency department.
  3. On emergency department items: p= 0.019 between dispatch and prehospital setting, p= <0.000 between dispatch and emergency department setting.