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Table 1 Example questions from the knowledge attitude and self-efficacy questionnaire

From: Can community retail pharmacist and diabetes expert support facilitate insulin initiation by family physicians? Results of the AIM@GP randomized controlled trial

Questionnaire section Example questions / Statements
Attitude There is little point in trying to achieve optimal glucose because complications from diabetes are inevitable
5 point Likert Scale (Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree) Diabetes is harder to treat than other chronic diseases
I will not prescribe insulin because I believe it is too complicated to initiate
Self-Efficacy How confident are you to give adequate support and clear directions to patients on how to manage diabetes
5 point Likert Scale (Not at All to Completely) How confident are you to prescribe and titrate insulin when a patient is anxious and is resists initiating insulin therapy
Knowledge Diabetes related complications for both Type 1 and Type 2 could be prevented through optimal glucose control
Multiple Choice & True/False Insulin replacement therapy with type 2 diabetes may be required for most patients during the duration of their disease.