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Table 1 Major federal ordinances regulating emergency care policy

From: The current scenario of emergency care policies in Brazil

Federal ordinances/Year Content
Ordinance 2048/2002 Regulates Emergency State Systems; establishes its principles and guidelines, sets standards, operating criteria, classification and registration of emergency hospitals.
Ordinance 1863/2003 Enacts Federal Policy for Emergency Care (PNAU), to be implemented in all federal units, according to federative levels autonomy.
Ordinance 2072/2003 Creates Emergency Care National Management Committee and defines its powers and responsibilities.
Ordinance 1864/2003 Implements Pre-hospital Care Mobile Service created by Federal Policy for Emergency Care, in all municipalities and regions of Brazil: SAMU - 192.
Ordinance 3125/2006 Enacts QualiSUS program and establishes its jurisdiction. Sets guidelines to structure and organize emergency care actions focusing on pre-hospital and hospital care.
Ordinance 2922/2008 Establishes guidelines for Emergency Care Units implementation; Defines conditions, responsibilities and prerequisites for setting up these facilities within emergency care networks.
Ordinance 1600/2011 Reformulates Federal Policy for Emergency Care and creates Emergency Care Network.
Ordinance 2648/2011 Reviwes guidelines for Emergency Care Units implementation.