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Table 3 Internal consistency for eight contextual concepts of ACT in elder care

From: Translating and testing the Alberta context tool for use among nurses in Swedish elder care

ACT- contextual concepts Cronbach’s alpha
Pilot study Pilot study data analysed by the modified ACT
Leadership 0.87 (n = 149) No change to contextual concept
Culture 0.63 (n = 148) No change to contextual concepti
Evaluation 0.87 (n = 147) No change to contextual concept
Informal interactions 0.56 (n = 134) 0.63
Formal interactions 0.73 (n = 153) 0.80
Social capital 0.68 (n = 149) No change to contextual concept
Structural and electronic resourcesii 0.77 (n = 118) 0.77
Organizational slack (staffing, space, time)iii 0.87 (n = 133) No change to contextual concept
  1. i In an analysis excluding the item with a translation error, the pilot test data reached a Cronbach’s Alpha of 0.71 for the contextual concept Culture.
  2. ii The response alternative ‘Not available’, presented for items regarding structural and electronic resources, was treated as ‘Never’ in the pilot test analysis, as a not available resource could not be used.
  3. iii In the revised ACT, organizational slack is derived as three separate concepts: staffing, space, and time.