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Table 5 Number of pharmacy providers who provide each method and who restrict clients’ eligibility to use a method for reasons of age, marital status or partner consent, by method in Uttar Pradesh

From: Provider imposed restrictions to clients’ access to family planning in urban Uttar Pradesh, India: a mixed methods study

Restriction/method Pharmacy provider
  Number Percent
Minimum Age   
  Pill 494 29.8
  Condom 506 3.4
Maximum Age   
  Pill 494 46.8
  Condom 506 2.2
Partner consent   
  Pill 500 11.0
  Condom 506 8.9
Marital status   
  Pill 500 4.2
  Condom 506 2.6
  1. Note: Number of providers differs by barrier due to nonresponse or missing data for these questions.