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Table 2 Definition of potential preventability, potential severity and actual clinical impact

From: Chemotherapy prescribing errors: an observational study on the role of information technology and computerized physician order entry systems

  Categories Definition
Potential preventability [14] Definitely preventable NSa
  Probably preventable NSa
  Probably not preventable NSa
  Definitely not preventable NSa
Potential severity [15] Minor No injury, nor increased length of stay nor increased level of care.
  Moderate Increased length of stay or increased level of care for 1 or 2 patients.
  Major Permanent lessening of bodily functioning, disfigurement, surgical intervention required, increased length of stay for 3 or more patients, increased level of care for 3 or more patients.
  Catastrophic Death or major permanent loss of function, suicide, rape, hemolytic transfusion reaction. Surgery/procedure on the wrong patient or wrong body part, infant abduction or infant discharge to the wrong family.
Actual clinical impact [16, 17] Preventable ADEb Injuries resulting from an error at any stage throughout the medication process.
  Near misses Errors detected and intercepted before any harm is done.
  1. aNS: not specified; bADE: Adverse Drug Event.