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Table 2 Time for resident to be seen from arrival time at the ED (hours: minutes)

From: The Older Persons’ Transitions in Care (OPTIC) study: pilot testing of the transition tracking tool

Time from arrival at the ED to N MDN Mean (SD)
Being seen by a nurse 41 1:10 3:54 (10:53)
Being seen by a physician (history and examination details recorded) 28 1:13 1:40 (1:08)
Decision to admit or return to NH 28 6:34 11:00 (20:31)
Actual admission to the inpatient unit 17 8:49 14:08 (10:36)
Actual transfer back to NH (admitted to inpatient unit) (total time spent in ED and hospital) 15 126:29 196:01 (170:25)
Actual transfer back to NH (not admitted) (total time spent in ED) 18 7:38 10:54 (10:53)