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Table 3 Intraprofessional interactions

From: Disengaged: a qualitative study of communication and collaboration between physicians and other professions on general internal medicine wards

20 There’s lots of buzz around the nurses station. A group of nurses and nursing students are standing in a group being coached about filling syringes (ward observation).
21 A man’s leg is being amputated due to gangrene and much discussion takes place between a med student and another young doctor. There is much back and forth about symptoms, cellulitis, potentially life threatening outcomes, and types of meds (ward observation).
22 The palliative care nurse specialist approaches a registered nurse, calling her by her first name, but introducing herself by her specialty only. She’s here to get an update on a patient. They talk for a couple of minutes standing at the counter, and the specialist thanks the registered nurse and leaves (ward observation).
23 Senior resident: “so how’s my amputation?” [Referring to patient whose leg was amputated].
First-year resident: “okay…but depressed. I ordered a psych consult.”
Senior resident: “is he wheelchair bound?”
First-year resident: “No. Well, he’s trying to walk” (shrug).
[Neither turns to the physiotherapist who is sitting silently beside them] (ward observation).
24 In the hallway two nurses are talking about their sons and how they dress (ward observation).
25 The attending, residents and clerks are chatting casually about the clerks’ going to party last night and being tired today; and whether they’ll be playing the game of medical jeopardy that the chief resident is running tomorrow (ward observation).