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Table 1 Parameters of the implementation evaluation

From: Case management and self-management support for frequent users with chronic disease in primary care: a pragmatic randomized controlled trial

Parameters evaluated FMG stakeholders Managers Patients/ Family Partners Other sources
Pre-implementation phase
 Description of practice settings (contextual factors) (C) FG-II II FG FG  
 Description of the current processes, patient integration and satisfaction (C) FG-II II FG FG  
 Issues related to the implementation (C) FG-II II FG FG  
Implementation phase
 Evolution of the processes and integration FG II    DR
 Identification of problems and failures (C) FG II    
 Fidelity of the intervention (I)      IFC
Post-implementation phase
 Opinion about the implementation process (C) FG-II II FG FG  
 Identification of obstacles and facilitating elements (C) FG-II II FG FG  
 Description of the impact on stakeholders/organizations (E) FG-II II FG FG  
 Satisfaction with the intervention (E) DG-II II DG DG  
  1. C: Context; I: Intervention; E: Effects.
  2. FG: Focus group; II: Individual interview; DR: Documentation review; IFC: Intervention fidelity checklist.