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Table 3 Direct costs associated with NSIs

From: Economic benefits of safety-engineered sharp devices in Belgium - a budget impact model

Direct costs of NSIs  
Testing for blood-borne viruses [6, 2630] in:  
  NSI recipient – initial test €38.76
  NSI recipient – follow-up test €58.52
  Source patient (if known) €43.91
Cost of staffing and administration per NSI [26, 31] €68.81
Cost of PEP for hepatitis B and HIV [19, 25, 32, 33] per:  
  NSI from a known and infected source €374.61
  NSI from an unknown source €918.76
Cost of treatment of blood-borne viruses [19, 25, 3438]: €2,377.44
  Hepatitis B (year in which NSI occurred and per subsequent year for three years)  
  Hepatitis C (year in which NSI occurred only) €16,127.76
  HIV (year in which NSI occurred and per subsequent year) €16,999.83