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Table 5 Patients with records in the administrative data indicating an adverse drug event among patients with adverse drug events identified at the point-of-care in the emergency department, by category of diagnostic code and admission status*

From: Evaluating adverse drug event reporting in administrative data from emergency departments: a validation study

ICD-10 code category Admitted Discharged
  (n = 66) (n = 146)
Induced or related to a medication (%; 95% CI) 12 (18.2; 9.8–29.6) 3 (2.1; 0.4–5.9)
Induced or related to a medication, very likely, likely or possible ADE (%; 95% CI) 36 (54.6; 41.8–66.9) 26 (17.8; 12.0–25.0)
  1. ADE = adverse drug event; CI = confidence interval.
  2. *Nine patients did not have admission status reported in the administrative data.