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Table 1 List of disease groups and definitions

From: The relationship between number of primary health care visits and hospitalisations: evidence from linked clinic and hospital data for remote Indigenous Australians

Disease group Primary care ICPC codes Hospital AR-DRG codes
Diabetes F83, T87, T88, T89, T90 F11A, F11B, F13Z, K01Z, K60A, K60B
Ischaemic heart disease K74, K75, K76, K89 F08A, F08B, F14A, F14B, F14C, F12Z, F01A, F01B, F02Z, F66A, F66B, F74Z, F72A, F72B, F05A, F05B, F06A, F06B, F17Z, F18Z
COPD R91, R95 E65A, E65B, E69A, E69B, E69C
Renal disease U88, U90, U95 L65A, L65B, L67A, L67B, L67C, A09A, A09B, L02A, L02B, L60A, L60B, L60C, L61Z
Hypertension F83, K85, K86, K87 F67A, F67B
Rheumatic heart disease K71, K83, L88 F69A, F69B, I66A, I66B, F75A, F75B, F75C, F03Z, F04A, F04B
Respiratory infection (age < 15 years) R05, R71, R74, R78, R79, R81, R83 E62A, E62B, E62C, E69A, E69B, E69C, E70A, E70B
Gastroenteritis (age < 15 years) D11, D70, D73, D94 G67A, G67B, G68A, G68B
Malnutrition (age < 15 years) T10, T91, B80, B82 K61Z, Q61A, Q61B, Q61C
Otitis media (age < 15 years) H70, H71, H72, H73, H74 D63A, D63B
Dental caries (age < 15 years) D19, D82 D40Z, D67Z
  1. Notes: AR-DRG = Australian Refined Diagnosis Related Groups; COPD = chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; ICPC = International Classification of Primary Care.