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Table 2 Differences and similarities in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal participants’ views on barriers to communication

From: Identifying barriers and improving communication between cancer service providers and Aboriginal patients and their families: the perspective of service providers

Barriers to communication Cancer service providers *Aboriginal patients/families
Aboriginal Non-Aboriginal
Contextual barriers
•→Racism and colonisation X   X
•→Aboriginal marginalization X X X
•→Paternalistic attitude of the CSPs X X X
•→Lack of understanding by CSPs about Aboriginal needs   X  
•→Lack of coordination within the services   X  
•→Lack of Aboriginal staff X X X
Impediments to communication
•→Language X X X
•→Communication style   X X
•→Privacy and confidentiality X X X
•→Concept of time   X  
Loss of trust
•→Distrust X   X
  1. *Aboriginal patients and family affected by cancer [12].