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Table 2 Barriers to accessing sexual and reproductive health services reported by adolescents

From: “Be kind to young people so they feel at home”: a qualitative study of adolescents’ and service providers’ perceptions of youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health services in Vanuatu

Demand-side barriers Supply-side barriers
Socio-cultural norms and taboos regarding sex and adolescent sexual behavior: Judgmental attitudes of health service providers
 - Stigma and shame Cost of services and commodities
 - Fear of disclosure Lack of privacy and confidentiality
 - Fear of being seen attending services Lack of services/skilled service providers
 - Opposition and disapproval from parents and communities Inconvenient location of services
 - Community or religious 'rules’ that inhibit discussion of sex or access to services Insufficient time for counselling
Uncertainty about what they will be asked by a service provider and/or anxiety about physical examination Unreliable commodity supply
Lack of knowledge about SRH and services
Lack of experience attending health services