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Table 3 Description of morbidity groups

From: Disease identification based on ambulatory drugs dispensation and in-hospital ICD-10 diagnoses: a comparison

Morbidity groupsa ICD-10 codes ATC codes Codes added + or removed-b
Unmodified diagnostic categories    
Tuberculosis (03) A15A19,B90,K230,K673,K930,M011,M490,M900,N330,N740, N741,O980,P370 J04A J01GA01- J01GB04-
Human immunodeficiency virus disease (05) B20-B24,F024,R75,Z21 J05AE,J05AF,J05AG,J05AR, J05AX07-J05AX09 except J05AF08 J05AF05+
Diabetes mellitus (22) E10-E14,G590,G632,H360, M141,N083,O24 A10  
Mental and behavioral disorders due to alcohol (25) F10 N07BB N07BB+
Schizophrenia, schizotypal and delusional disorders (27) F20-F29 N05A , except N05AN N05AD0+ N05AL0+
Mood [affective] disordersc (28) F30-F39 N06A,N06C,N05AN except N06AX01 and N06AX02  
Other mental and behavioral disordersd(29) F04-F09,F40-F99 not F803 N05B,N05C,N06B N05BD0+ N05BX0+ N05C + N06B+
Alzheimer’s diseasee (30) F00,G30 N06D not N06DX02  
Multiple sclerosis* (31) G35 L03AB02,L03AB07,L03AB08, L03AX13  
Epilepsy (32) G40-G41,F803 N03 N03AA0+
Hypertensive disease (38) I10-I15,O10-O11,O13-016 C02,C03 except C03C,C04AB, C07,C08,C09 C04AB + C07 + C08 + C09+
Conduction disorders and cardiac arrhythmias (43) I44-I49 C01A,C01B,C01CA02,C01EB10 C01CA02+
Heart failuref (44) I50 C01CA04, C01CA07,C01CE,C01CX,C03C C01CA04+ C01CX+
Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis (65) K50-K51 A07EA,A07EC A07EA+
Infections of the skin and subcutaneous tissue* (77) L01,L02,L08 D06,P03  
Hyperplasia of prostate (94) N40 G04BD,G04C G04BD + G04C+
Inflammatory diseases of female pelvic organs* (97) N70-N77, except N740 and N741 G01  
Poisoning by drugs and biological substances* (122) T36-T65 V03AB,H04AA01  
Subgroups of diagnostic categories    
Paludism* (06-) B50-B54 P01B not P01BA02  
Parasitosis* (06-) B55-B83, B89 P01A,P01C,P02  
Hepatitis B or C (06-) B16-B18 L03AB01,L03AB04,L03AB05,L03AB06,L03AB09,L03AB10, L03AB11, J05AF08, J05AF10, J05AF11 J05AB04- J05AF05- L03AB01+ L03AB06+ L03AB09+ L03AB11+
Viral diseases* (06-) A60,A80-A99,B00-B15,B19, B25-B34,B941,B942,B97,J12, J171,J203-J207,J210 J05AA, J05AB, J05AC03, J05AD, J05AX except J05AX07-J05AX09  
Anemia – nutritional* (20-) D50-D53 B03A, B03B  
Non nutritional anemia g (20-) D55-64 B03XA  
Neutropenia* (21-) D70 L03AA  
Thyroid disorders (23-) E00-E07 H03  
Other endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases* (23-) remainder of E00-E90 H01AB, H01AC, H01AX, H01C except H01CB01  
Obesity* (23-) E66 A08  
Hyperlipidemia (23-) E780-E785 C10  
Mental and behavioral disorders due to opioids* (26-) F11,F19 N07BC  
Mental and behavioral disorders due to tobacco (26-) F17 N07BA N07BA+
Migraine (34-) G43 N02C N02C+
Parkinson’s disease (34-) G20-G22 N04,except N04BC08 N04BC01+ N04BC06 + h N04BC07+
Conjunctivitis* (36-) H10 S01A, S01GX  
Glaucoma (36-) H40, H42 S01E  
Eye inflammation* (36-) H00-H05,H11-H16,H20, H22 S01B, S01C  
Disorders of external ear* (37-) H601-H609,H62 S02, S03  
Vertigo* (37-) H81,H82 N07C  
Influenza* (49-) J09-J11 J05AH, J05AC02  
Other acute upper respiratory infections* (49-) J00-J06, not J020,J028,J030, J038 R01, R02, R05  
Other diseases of upper respiratory tract – allergy (53-) J30,L50 R06, V01 R06 + V01+
Hemorrhoids* (69-) I84, O224, O872 C05A  
Functional disorders of the digestive system* (76-) K58, K59 A03, A06, A07DA, A07B, A07CA  
Psoriasis (78-) L40 D05, L04AA21, L04AA15 D05 + L04AA21+ L04AA15+
Dermatitis* (78-) L20-L39, not L303 D07, D11AX14, D11AX15  
Acne* (79-) L70,L718,L719,L730 D10  
Gout (83-) M10 M04A  
Osteoporosis (89-) M80-M82 H05, M05BA, M05BB H05 + M05BA + M05BB+
Transplanted organ status (129-) K771,K932,L991,N165,T860, T861-T864,T8681,T8682,Z94 L04AA02-10, L04AX01, L04AC01, L04AC02, L04AD01, L04AD02  
Multiple morbidities groups    
Gastroenteritis of presumed infectious origin* (01–02) A00-A09, not A064-A066, K521 A07A, A07F  
Ischemic heart diseases (39–41) I20-I25 C01DA, C01DX12, C01DX16 C01DX12+
Reactive airway diseasei (54, 55) J40-J47 R03 R03AA + R03AB + R03BZ + R03CA + R03CB+
Diseases of esophagus and peptic ulcer (59–61) K20-K31, not K230 and K231 A02BA- A02BD, A02X02  
Malignant neoplasm (07–15) C00-C97 A04AA, A04AD12, L01, L02, L03AC01, L03AX03, L03AX12 L04AX02, V03AF, V03AG, V03AH, V10A, V10B, V10XX01 L03AA-m A04AD12+ L02+ L03AC01+,L03AX03+,L03AX12+ L04AX02 + V03AF + V03AG + V03AH + V10A + V10B + V10XX01+
Inflammatory polyarthritis and connective tissue disorders (83,85-)j M05-M09, M30-M36, M45 H02A, H02B,L04AA13,L04AB01, L04AB04, L04AX03, M01B, M01CA, M01CB, P01BA02 L04AX03+ M01B + M01CA+
Pain (80-83-,85-88-,111,112-)k M50-M51,M54,R07,R10, R30, R51, R52, remainder of M60-M79 M01A, M03B, M03C, M09, N02A, N02B M03B + M03C + M09+ N02B+
Mycosis (06-,50-)* B35-B49, J172 D01, J02  
Bacterial infection or septicemia* (04,06-,50-,51-,88-) A064-A066, A20-A79 (except A30, A31, A60), B95,B96, B99, D733, E321, G00, G01, G042, G060-G062, G07, H600, J020, J028, J030, J038, remainder of J13-J20, J36, J390, J391, J851-J853, K046, K047, K1020, K1021, K113, K122, K351, K570, K572, K574, K578, K61,K630, K750, L00, L03-L05, M00, M010-M013, M03, M600, M630-M632, M650, M651; M680, M710, M711, M730, M731, N151, N160, N340, N412, N450, N459, N751, N764, O85, O911 J01  
Thrombo-embolic risk or disease (34-, 42-,45-,46-,48,101-,102-,106-)l G08, I260,I269,I2720, I63-I66,I676, I693, I694, I698, I70, I731,I74, I77, I80-I82, O032, O037, O042, O047, O052, O057, O062, O067, O072, O077, O082, O223, O225, O871, O873 B01A  
Hemorrhage risk or disease* (21-, 45-,46-) D65-D68, D693-D699 B02,L03AC02  
  1. aThe numbers identifying groups are those of the International Shortlist for Hospital Morbidity Tabulation (ISHMT) - Eurostat/OECD/WHO; with dash indicating subgroups. Categories not included in the most recent RxRisk model18 are indicated with an asterisk*.
  2. bCodes removed or added to those of Kuo et al.14
  3. cThe RxRisk-V distinguishes bipolar disorders (ATC code N05AN) and depression.
  4. dThis category is defined as anxiety and tension in the RxRisk-V (hypnotics not retained as screen).
  5. eThis category is defined as dementia in the RxRisk-V.
  6. fThe RxRisk-V split hypertension in hypertension and congestive heart failure/hypertension, the latter detected by loop diuretics, Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors and Angiotensin II receptors blockers.
  7. gDefined as end stage renal disease in the RxRisk-V.
  8. hATC distinguishes, according the dose, the use of the two dopamine agonists bromocryptin and cabergolin N04BC01 , N04BC06: low dose for prolactin inhibition and high dose in parkinsonism.
  9. iAsthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and bronchiectasis.
  10. jRheumatic conditions for original CDS and steroid responsive conditions for Rxrisk.
  11. kThe RxRisk-V distinguishes pain(opioid) from pain and inflammation (NSAI).
  12. lThe RxRisk-V distinguishes anti-platelet from anticoagulant.
  13. mIn our category neutropenia.