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Table 1 Questions for focus group

From: Diabetes care and service access among elderly Vietnamese with type 2 diabetes

Category Questions for focus groups
Meanings, beliefs, personal values 1. What does feeling healthy mean? Why?
2. How has diabetes affected your health?
3. How has it impacted on your day-to-day life?
4. What made you take action in managing your diabetes?
5. What is most difficult about managing your diabetes?
Access to information and services 1. Who do you currently see/go to for your diabetes care?
2. What are your expectations of health service providers/GP/person providing you with diabetes care? Are you happy with the service/care you receive? Why? Why not?
3. How did you or do you find out about services and information about diabetes?
4. Do you need more information? On what topics?
5. Whose job is it to inform the patient about all the service options (for multidisciplinary holistic care) which may be available to them? GP? Practice Nurse? Diabetes Educator? Specialist?
6. Do you have difficulties accessing your local diabetes services? Why? What would help you access those services?
7. Would you like to receive information in your own language?
8. Have you ever been offered information in your own language? If so, types of information offered and from where?
Feedback and suggestions 1. What advice would you give someone who has type 2 diabetes?
2. Some people are reluctant to access services. What do you think would assist these people to access diabetes care?