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Table 2 Heart healthy lenoir patient and practice level measures*

From: The heart healthy lenoir project-an intervention to reduce disparities in hypertension control: study protocol

Variable Instrument Time
Baseline Follow-up
Patient level measures    
Blood pressure Average of 3 readings X Xa
Literacy Short-TOFHLA X  
Socio-demographic characteristics Patient self-report/survey (Self Report)   
  Age Self-report X  
  Gender Self-report X  
  Marital status Self-report X  
  Education (grade level) Self-report X  
  Race/ethnicity (self-report) Self-report X  
  Household income Self-report X  
  Employment Self-report X Xf
  Relative social position MacArthur Scale X  
  Health insurance Self-report X Xc
  Social support Medical outcomes study/perceived social support X  
  Height Stadiometer X  
  Weight SECA scale X Xa
  Creatinine/GFR Laboratory test X Xc
  Cholesterol Laboratory test X Xc
  A1c Laboratory test X Xd
Clinical characteristics    
  Medical comorbidities: Heart failure/high Cholesterol/Lung Disease/Chronic Back Pain/ Cancer/Arthritis/Fibromyalgia/Diabetes/Hypertension/COPD/Obstructive Sleep Apnea/ Renal Insufficiency/Stroke Self-report X  
  Depression Mental Health Inventory (MHI-5) X Xe
  Smoking status Self-report X Xa
  Current medications and supplements List generated X Xa
Patient reported outcomes    
  Quality of life survey SF-12 X Xa
  Medication side-effects that limit use Self-report X Xc
  Knowledge/behaviors/beliefs Self-report X Xa
  Medication adherence (ADH) Morisky adherence score X Xa
  Exercise RESIDE X Xd
  Diet Block fruit-vegetable-fiber screener X Xd
  Understanding illness HTN beliefs questionnaire X Xc
  Participatory decision making (PDM) PDM survey X Xc
  Patient activation Short- patient activation measure X Xa
  Social determinants of health Social determinants and civic engagement questionnaire   Xb
Access to medication Cost-related access to medication survey X Xa
Practice Level QI Process Variables (Selected Visit planner items)   
Action taken if BP uncontrolled Visit Planner data Continuous
Consequences of uncontrolled HTN discussed Visit Planner data Continuous
Assess medication adherence Visit Planner data Continuous
Assess for understanding of instructions Visit Planner data Continuous
Percent patients with HTN with BP’s < 140 mmHg and < 90 mmHg Performance reports Monthly and yearly
  1. aVisits with study personnel at 6,12,18 and 24 months post enrollment visit.
  2. bonly measured at 6 month visit.
  3. cmeasured at 12 and 24 months.
  4. dmeasured at 6, 12, 24 months.
  5. emeasured at 12, 18, 24 months.
  6. fmeasured at 12 months.
  7. *All patients are given the option to have the study documents read to them.