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Table 1 HHL inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: The heart healthy lenoir project-an intervention to reduce disparities in hypertension control: study protocol

Inclusion criteria: Exclusion criteria:
18 years or older Non-English speaking
Able and willing to give informed consent Current treatment for psychosis
A current patient of 1 of the 6 participating practices Advanced dementia
Current substance abuse
Diagnosis of hypertension by primary care physician or have 3 documented blood pressures above 150/90 mmHg Lack of phone access
History of malignancy, other than non-melanoma
Skin cancer, that has not been in remission or cured surgically for >5 years
Systolic blood pressure ≥ 150mmHg at their most recent clinic visit Estimated creatinine clearance ≤ 30 ml/min
Physician approval to participate in the study Pregnant