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Table 3 Themes related to the perceived expertise of physiotherapists from the patients’ perspective

From: Recognition of physiotherapists’ expertise in Parkinson’s disease

Treatment and therapy   69
Treatment and exercises 'Expertise is related to the good exercises I have to do at home’ (Woman, 82 years old)  
'Right exercises for posture and movement’ (Man, 76 years old)
Tailored information and communication 66
Information about the disease, (practical) advice, counselling, and communication with physiotherapist 'All arguments with the given instructions are correct’ (Man, 64 years old)  
'He tries to find matching exercises for me in person’ (Man, 70 years old)
'She knows a lot of Parkinson Disease, I receive good answers to my Parkinson Disease related questions’ (Woman, 74 years old)
Knowledge of Parkinson disease   34
Knowledge about and expertise in Parkinson disease symptoms. Noticing changes of condition 'He knows exactly what to do’ (Man, 78 years old)  
'He knows the Parkinson disease signs and tries the recommended treatment’ (Man, 57 years old)
'She knows the limitations Parkinson disease imposes on me, and gives useful suggestions’ (Woman, 82 years old)
'Works with several patients who have Parkinson disease’ (Man, 60 years old)
Effectiveness   25
Improved condition, increased mobility, decreased freezing 'I can to move better and my muscles are less stiff since the treatment’ (Woman, 82 years old)  
'My condition has improved since this treatment’ (Man, 75 years old)
Cooperation with caregivers 19
Need for interdisciplinary care. Working within a network with allied healthcare providers 'He works with the neurologist’ (Man, 73 years old)  
'He is involved in the Park fit studies’ (Man, 71 years old)
Emotional support, empathy, and respect 16
The patient receives interest and attention, is taken seriously, patient’s disease is accepted and coped with 'Shows great interest’ (Man, 74 years old)  
'Shows interest, takes me seriously’ (Woman, 77 years old)
'Is very patient’ (Man, 88 years old)
Unable to define the expertise of the physiotherapist 4
Difficult to access the providers’ expertise 'I do not know which exercises are the best for patients with Parkinson disease’ (Man, 61 years old)  
Treatment evaluation 2
Providers ask questions about the treatment 'Takes the time to evaluate the treatment process’ (Man, 70 years old)  
Accessibility of healthcare 2
Treatment or physiotherapy at home 'Treats me at home’ (Man, 70 years old)  
Total   103