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Table 2 Roles, pathways, and sub-activities for medication communication activities

From: Developing a medication communication framework across continuums of care using the Circle of Care Modeling approach

Communication activity Roles Pathways Sub-activities
Determine need 20 54 •Discuss complaint
•Discuss social context
•Discuss non-medicinal and medicinal options
•Discuss plans and goals
Prescribe 16 46 •Confirm patient identity
•Provide medication information
•Request, prepare, confirm, alert prescription/renewal
•Request, confirm emergency supply of medications
•Review coverage
•Request, discuss restrictions
•Review prescribing alerts
Dispense 14 36 •Confirm patient identity
•Provide medication information
•Confirm medication availability
•Request, prepare, confirm, alert dispensing
•Review coverage
•Request, discuss restrictions
•Review, notify dispensing alerts
Administer 12 28 •Provide medication administration instructions
•Schedule medication administration
•Request, prepare, modify, clarify Delegation of Task (for Home and Community Care)
Monitor/Evaluate 47 200 •Confirm, request, review current medication details
•Confirm, request, review past medication details
•Discuss medication compliance
•Request, provide, confirm allergy information
•Discuss experience of side effects
•Review medication efficacy
•Request, confirm appointment
•Request, order, review tests
•Review self-monitoring
•Confirm, request, review care transitions
Coordinate 15 36 •Request, confirm appointments and referrals
•Request, transmit patient information
•Relay messages between patients and care providers
•Request, confirm, alert coverage