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Table 5 Selected implementation strategies

From: Implementation of a children’s hospital-wide central venous catheter insertion and maintenance bundle

Intervention types Components
Education program, theme week Multidisciplinary seminar
  Workshop for physicians
  Instruction for nurses
  Instruction on hygienic insertion and maintenance
Reminders Leaflets
  Screen savers
  Daily questionnaire CVC need, pop-up in electronic patient management system
  Sticker attached at disinfection solution: apply 30 seconds air dry time
Feedback (quarterly) Reporting incidence of CA-BSI
  Reporting adherence to insertion bundle
  Reporting adherence to maintenance bundle
Engagement of the managing staff One-liners combined with picture
Awareness Time out procedure, and staff empowerment to stop in case of protocol violation
  Daily goal sheet
Procedures Revised protocols
  CVC infection preventions manual.
  30 seconds air dry timer displayed on bedside screen
  1. CA-BSI catheter-associated bloodstream infection, CVC central venous catheter.