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Table 4 Process indicators CVC nursing care monitoring form

From: Implementation of a children’s hospital-wide central venous catheter insertion and maintenance bundle

  Process indicator Satisfied
1 Appropriate hand hygiene prior to preparation of intravenous medication Yes O No O
2 Disinfection of the cap or ampoule’s surface using alcohol 70% Yes O No O
3 Applying 30 seconds air drying time after disinfection ampoule’s surface Yes O No O
4 Disinfection of connector with alcohol 70%# Yes O No O
5 Or disinfection of the stop cock in case intravenous medication is administered using an extension-line applying alcohol 70%# Yes O No O
6 Applying 30 seconds air dry time for the stop cock of connector Yes O No O
7 Daily question whether the CVC is still needed in PDMS Yes O No O
8 Daily check of the insertion place for inflammation Yes O No O
9 Aspirated blood from the CVC will not be returned to the patient Yes O No O
10 The blue side of the Biopatch is visible Yes O No O
  1. CVC central venous catheter, PDMS patient data management system.
  2. #select one depending on the mode of administration.