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Table 1 Extracts from key government regulations concerning operation of health facility management committees

From: Are Health Facility Management Committees in Kenya ready to implement financial management tasks: findings from a nationally representative survey

Document Topic addressed Extract
Best practices in community-based health initiatives [21]. Roles, responsibilities and powers– 1998 Roles and responsibilities
1) To oversee the general operations and management of the health facility;
2) To advise the community on matters related to the promotion of health services;
3) To represent and articulate community interests on matters pertaining to health in local development forums;
4) To facilitate a feedback process to the community pertaining to the operations and management of the health facility;
5) To implement community decisions pertaining to their own health and;
6) To mobilize community resources towards the development of health services within the area.
1) The committee shall have the authority to raise funds from within itself, the community or from donors and other well-wishers for the purpose of financing the operations and maintenance of the facility;
2) The committee shall have authority to hire and fire subordinate staff employed by itself in the health facility;
3) The committee shall oversee the development and expansion and maintenance of the physical facilities within their respective area.
Guidelines on the financial management for HSSF, Nov 2010 [20]. Financial roles of HFMCs 1) Supervise and control the administration of the funds allocated to the facilities;
2) Open and operate a bank account at a bank approved by the Minister for the time being responsible for finance;
3) Prepare work plans based on estimated expenditures;
4) Cause to be kept basic books of accounts and records of accounts of the income, expenditure, assets and liabilities of the facility as prescribed by the officer administering the Fund;
5) Prepare and submit certified periodic financial and performance reports as prescribed;
6) Cause to be kept a permanent record of all its deliberations.
Guidelines on the financial management for HSSF, Nov 2010 [20]. Membership and selection of health facility management committees a) A representative from the provincial administration in the area of jurisdiction;
b) The person in charge of the health facility who shall be the secretary;
c) The District Medical Officer of Health or his representative duly nominated by him in writing;
d) The person in charge of the local authority health facilities or the area councillor;
e) The following persons, who shall be residents of the area of jurisdiction, appointed by the Minister or any other person authorized by him in writing
  (i) One person who shall have knowledge and experience in finance and administration; and
  (ii) Four persons of whom three shall be women
   A person shall not be appointed as a member of a committee under item (e) unless that person holds at least form four level certificate of education or its equivalent.