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Table 1 Hospital physicians’ work problems and self-developed solutions

From: The effects of improving hospital physicians working conditions on patient care: a prospective, controlled intervention study

Problem category Physicians’ solutions for implementation
Work organization - Joint ward rounds to improve mutual coordination of physicians’ and nurses’ work schedules during mornings,
- Redirection of external telephone calls to reduce unnecessary workflow interruptions (to head physicians’ secretary),
- Regularly scheduled consultation hours for relatives of patients in the afternoon,
Leadership quality - Re-implementation of annual performance feedback and appraisal interview through departments’ head physicians,
- Enhanced presence of supervisors on wards,
Internal information flow and quality - Enhanced transparency of time documentation and subsequent salary accounting,
- Implementation of department electronic whiteboard to spread information,
Qualification and training - Inner-departmental schedule for specialty training,
- Enhanced practice of case conferences in the department to discuss current patients,
  - Access online libraries; financial support of external training visits