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Table 6 Utility of the educational outreach visit

From: Educational outreach visits to improve venous thromboembolism prevention in hospitalised medical patients: a prospective before-and-after intervention study

Measures Median (IQ range)
Number of contacts needed to arrange the EOV  
     Number of contacts needed to arrange the visit 3 (1–4)
     Number of cancelled visits prior to the visit 0
Time spent arranging and conducting the EOV (min)  
     Time spent arranging the visit 20 (10–20)
     Time spent customising material 45 (45–60)
     Time spent waiting for the participant 5 (0–20)
     Time spent with the participant during the visit 15 (15–20)
     Time spent on interruptions 0
     Total time spent on the visit 92 (78–129)
Protocol adherence  
     Percent of protocol elements delivered to participant 80 (70–85)
Location of the EOV Number (%)
     Clinical area 6 (32)
     Office 10 (53)
     Other public area 2 (10)
     Other private area 1 (5)
Outcome of the EOV  
     Participant agreed to provide evidence-based prophylaxis 15 (79)
  1. IQ Interquartile.