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Table 2 Slope difference before and after EMR adoption, based on 425 EMR-adopting hospitals

From: The effect of electronic medical record adoption on outcomes in US hospitals

  Slope before EMR Slope after EMR Slope difference
30-day rehospitalization 1.00000 1.00037 0.00037
30-day mortality 1.00000 0.99938 −0.00062
  1. Slope represents the odds ratio per quarter.
  2. Slope difference was defined by subtracting the slope “after EMR” from the slope “before EMR.”
  3. The “before EMR” slope includes 8 quarters before EMR adoption and the “after EMR” slope includes 12 quarters after EMR adoption.
  4. All outcomes were adjusted by patient (gender, age and race) and disease characteristics (DRG weight and comorbidities).