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Table 5 Prevalence of medical and non-medical additional earning arrangements in the sample of health workers (n = 165)

From: Assessing health workers’ revenues and coping strategies in Nigeria — a mixed-methods study

Types of additional earning No. Prevalencea
arrangements practicing  
Not practicing any additional earning arrangement 72 43.6
Private practice, after normal working hours 34 20.6
Private practice, during working hours 07 4.2
Private practice, on call service 20 12.1
Private practice, baby delivery at home 13 7.9
Non-medical business (farming and trading) 70 42.4
Other activities* 01 0.6
All with one or more additional earning arrangement(s) 93 56.4
  1. * HIV treatment and prevention project.
  2. aPrevalence is expressed as a percentage of the total sample of 165 health workers.
  3. Note: some of the respondents reported more than one of these activities.