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Table 7 Quotes illustrating ‘Choice of service’

From: Feasibility of offering nicotine replacement therapy as a relapse prevention treatment in routine smoking cessation services

Choice of service I think it should be free though…for everyone not just people like me on benefits (F, 39, Routine/ Manual)
For me it was the clinic and that was it. If it wasn’t for the clinic I think I would still be smoking. (F, 60, Routine/ Manual)
That protected time with a professional therapist. I think it’s very important to have that protected time, even if it’s for only a few minutes, where you know it’s just you and your mentor (F, 56, Intermediate/ Professional)
I think the (local NHS SSS) is better because… you get to talk to your advisor…if you just go to the pharmacy there’s other people there…you might not get much time because the pharmacy is busy…(F, 21, Unemployed)
No, I think it has to be face to face… and you have to blow into that carbon monoxide indicator…(F, 49, Intermediate/Professional)
  I don’t mind the telephone thing at all… I finish work at 2 o’clock it saves me from going back out again…(M, 56, Routine/Manual)