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Table 5 Quotes illustrating ‘Reasons for quit success’

From: Feasibility of offering nicotine replacement therapy as a relapse prevention treatment in routine smoking cessation services

Reasons for quit success To start with it was because she was going to do the breathing test… and there was no way I was going to fail that…(F, 63, Retired)
It’s important to me (speaking to an advisor) because… I know someone is there that I can talk to…(F, 27, Routine / Manual)
I think for me because I had been a smoker for so long… it was doing it over a long period of time. I think it did me good; I took longer to wean myself down. (F, 63, Retired)
The government has given you…where they say…we are going to stop just after 12 weeks…it’s too short…too short a time period…because my body has gotten used to say 29…39 years, nearly 40 years of smoking…you can’t do that…stop in 12 weeks… (M, 56, Routine / Manual)
  Yeah, I found erm, I don’t know whether it was just comfort, just to know it was there, you know what I mean? I think if someone had just stuck a plaster on my arm…whether that sounds a bit silly…I just felt I needed it… (Female, 55, Retired)